Spring 2014: "Hammered" for Piano and Laptop received its first three performances around the Bay Area. Click to hear/see Ian Scarfe's virtuoso performance.

Fabulous poster by David Levine




Fabulous performances of scenes from Afterworld.

Photos here  

Amy Foote was sensational in four 2014 performances of "Oh It's You", a "monodrama"

for a virtuoso soprano and laptop computer. Words & music by AJ

"Unrestful Sleep", 2011,

played beautifully by

Mikako Endo. Wake up

and listen!

"Martin Put That Gun Away"

Electroacoustic composition, based entirely on samples of the title words: from 2000.

SIngers Daniella Risman and Stephan Ortiz posed for the

images --- thanks guys!

This was a stunning performance by two great performers. Simic is a great poet, by the way.

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